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Health & Travel Certificates

If you’re planning a trip with your pet, you may need to obtain a travel certificate. This allows the officials at your destination to verify that your pet is free from illness, properly vaccinated, and healthy.

Traveling With Your Pet?

Willowrun Veterinary Hospital has partnered with Pawsitive Pet Health Certificates. They offer full support and services from going through pets' individual medical records, to tracking the endorsed health certificate from the USDA to the pet owner in time for their pets' travel, and everything in between!

The experts at Pawsitive Pet Health Certificates have helped pets travel with their families to every continent except Antarctica (so far!). PPHC helps pet parents navigate the complicated health requirements for pets to travel with their families. PPHC services ensure accuracy and compliance with pet airline travel and import requirements, while allowing our veterinarian team to focus on patient care instead of tedious paperwork.

Pawsitive Pet Health Certificates review each pet's medical records to develop a custom travel checklist of steps we need to take to ensure pets meet all health requirements for their travels. PPCH then provides our clients full support and consultation services in preparation for departure day. PPHC is here to wish you and your pet happy tails on your new adventure!

PPHC will take care of all the paperwork so you don't have to! Once the paperwork is completed, Willowrun will follow through with the exam and will provide you with your Health Certificate. Click on the image below or this link to get the paperwork started.


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